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Magic Miners and Third Eye Co. on Youtube

February 27, 2018

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A year in the making: Third Eye Co. so

December 4, 2014

December 4, 2014


The past year has been insane!

We never thought having our own business would be this much work, this exhausting, or this much fun.

There is a lot of thought that goes into each piece, from the moment we pull the crystals out of the ground or the first lines drawn. We have a studio in the back of the house where all the magic happens. It's affectionately called the Third Eye Co. lair, or the factory, and a small room on the side called "the lab". It is here, where we design, print, package and spend many late nights.



Above - The Third Eye Co. "Lair"

Once a week, sometimes more, we head out to the forest or desert and mine crystals for our jewelry. These hikes have brought out a different side to us, who knew rock layers could be so amazing? Our finds include quartz crystals locally found in our small mountain town, malachite, azurite, garnet, aquamarine, smokey quartz and even fulgurite (lightening glass). Its definitely exciting, each trip is an adventure.


Above - Quartz cluster found in Big Bear, Ca  - seen through Death Lens . Digging is hard work, but it's always pretty exciting when you find something like this.




Above - We searched for this spot for about 6 months. We thought it was a legend, and one day, we finally found it. This is a gem quality Aquamarine.

Below - Same location - Smokey Quartz. (Death Lens)





Above/Below - We were told there was turquoise off the backside of Big Bear somewhere, when we pulled off the dirt road in a random area, we ended up finding a lot of "turquoise". Turns out, we were finding Malachite, similar to turquoise, but is usually a deep green, not blue. We also found a dark blue rock called Azurite. These rocks are usually found where there is gold. Our friend Brewster came out with us, when he was visiting from Alaska. We followed the riverbed up, where we found malachite, azurite, garnet, peacock ore, and when we got closer to the top, small pieces of gold. About 1000 feet up is this old mine that goes straight down into the mountain. You could not see the bottom, and the ground around it was extremely soft. As you can tell in the photo below, we almost had a close call - Johnny Miller and Chris Brewster in the mouth of the abyss.



Above - Our pup Apple on a Mars landscape.

Over the past year, the friends we have made and had the honor of working with, have been inspiring to say the least. People who, like us, do things the non-conventional way. We don't necessarily fit into a certain societal mold, we carve our own path. It's the best feeling when you can get together with like minded individuals, work with each other, and face the world with cool people by your side. Special thanks to Dank Donuts , Jupiter People , TooGumShoe , Avante-Garden, and many more. Let's go back three years, when we lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. Third Eye Co. started as a fun little project to fund a summer trip to go snowboard and visit High Cascade snowboard camp in Mt. Hood Oregon. We made small leather neck pouches that we sold for $15.00 each at the camp "staff sale". The following fall, the store owner at Unhinged (a brand new boutique at the time), noticed one of our bags, and asked if we would like to make more for his shop. We had no plan, and no name, but it was fate. We have grown a lot since those early days, Unhinged has played a huge part in our evolution and we couldn't be more grateful.



                                                        Above/Below - Unhinged location in Sugarhouse, SLC, Utah, they also have another location in Provo, Utah. They carry so many awesome local artists and designers, and have won awards like the A-List by KSL, and Favorite Downtown Provo retailer to name a couple. 


Last Year we officially became Third Eye Co. Our motto is Live Free See Truth, which is pretty self explanatory. We live in a world where certain expectations are projected onto all of us, like how to look, how to act, what to think.  There is no doubt our world is a mess without a clear solution to many of its problems. But we can change the way we treat each other by giving the respect that we would like to receive. 

So here we are, Johnny Miller and Taylor Jeffers - Feeling lucky to be doing what we love everyday.  




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