Srtinky Socks x Third Eye Co. collab

Instagram - @stinky_socks 
We are honored to present our collaboration with our friends out of Bulgaria - Stinky Socks. Snowboarding has brought us together with many different people from all over the world and with this project, we got to incorporate the love of rockhounding. Inspired by the endless adventure and crystals we dig. Follow this link to watch out adventure into the desert to find Amethyst with the guys from Stinky Socks - Size: S/M and L/XL
Longer upper band from ankle to top for comfortExtra stretch, Feet and forefoot zone padding,Elastic arch supportAEGIS® antibacterial protection Cool cotton maX® moisture removalCOTTON: 82%; NYLON: 17%; LICRA: 1%

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