Locally mined Amethyst Tree Branch engagement / wedding ring

This piece is part of a special new direction that has been in the making for a few years. We have been working with couples, behind the scenes, dreaming up raw, refined engagement and wedding rings. Presenting Third Eye Co. refined. Custom faceted by California gem cutting artist @flipflopminer (Instagram) 

1/4 ct Amethyst, locally mined from the California Desert set in fine silver, delicate tree branches. 
Size: 7.5 

Would you like this stone or setting in 18k gold, 22k gold or another metal? Send us an email for options and pricing. 
Each piece is handcrafted and one of a kind.
  • Now Offering Pay Over time

    Each piece is one of a kind, and often stock goes quick, especially around gifting holidays. If youd like to make multiple payments, we offer custom invoices to pay over time. Just send us a quick message and we will reserve your piece!


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