Engraved Palo Santo / Smoky Quartz set

Engraved Palo Santo / Smoky Quartz set

Palo Santo is used to not only clear negative energy, but to bring in all the good vibes to replace it. Growing primarily only in South America, Palo Santo translates to “Holy wood” and the natural fragrant hints of mint, citrus and pine help assist in aligning with intentions you are trying to set. In keeping with Third Eye Co. beliefs, these Palo Santo sticks are ethically sourced from Ecuador are “wild harvested” by picking up branches that have fallen on their own. Furthermore, it’s said the wood’s true essence sets in once the tree has lived it’s life of around 90 years AND has had time to cure for about 4 years.

Comes with: 
3 engraved Palo Santo sticks
1 Smoky Quartz Crystal from the Dream Pocket - 1.5” -2”
Printed bag

To work with Palo Santo, clear your mind, focus on your intention, picture what you want to manifest, or release. Relax, and appreciate this sacred practice while the earthy smoke carries away the negativity..,

“Do no harm but take no shit” - keep your intentions and focus in check.. clear out any negativity that could come your way and channel it into a higher vibe. 

“ Health Wealth Happiness” - align your energy with this simple mantra, then manifest it! 

“ I’m grateful for...” - Take the time to think of your gratitude, from the breath in your lungs, to the love you have in your life. Speak it out loud even. 

- Smoky Quartz is grounding, keeping your feet on this earthly plane. Dug from our “Dream Pocket” find.