Crowe Magic

Crowe Magic

The symbolism of Crow came into our lives personally after dealing with great loss last summer. The message of honoring our past as our teacher, our present as our creation, and our future as our inspiration resonated and helped us through many stages of grief. It was the first wave of inspiration after, and it came through so strong, loud and clear. Crow visits us on digs, gathers friends and swirl above as we connect  with earth, talking to us, lifting our spirits as it has almost become comical how often we interact.

A couple months ago, a friend, fellow artist, Dave Washer, contacted us for a special project to honor his friend who had just passed. A gift for their tight nit crew and close friends who miss him. His name is Crowe. 

We sit in awe at the synchronicities . Crow circling back to help lift heavy hearts, and carry Crowe's vibrant energy to those missing him.  We are honored.

Dave's tribute to Crowe is moving and real. 

This passage is also beautiful, on what makes you feel alive. With the continuing pandemic, stange times and uncertainty, it sheds a different perspective . Thank you Dave.


These necklaces are available in locally mined, California Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, or Garnet. Pendant is 4' wide and usually on a 15" copper chain, but we can add whatever length you'd like. These are made to order special for friends of Crowe.


Please send an email for bulk orders or any questions.