Traveling around California and beyond, digging for gems on our private mining claims and open land. Featuring the legendary " Dream Pocket" find with massive Smoky Quartz! This is how we connect to "source energy" and where your crystals come from.



We have had the honor of working with some of the most creative, motivating minds in snowboarding... We're also lucky enough to call them out friends.


Dinosaurs Will Die x Third Eye Co. maeT board

( Below ) When DWD approached us about a collab snowboard we could hardly contain ourselves.... But we somehow kept it a secret for over a year while we planned and designed! We were given full creative permission to go with the flow. Our basic goals were to have a unisex design, a natural but stylized feel, and to work some crystal magic in there. We based each crystal off actual pieces we have mined from the ground, and the idea is that energy transfers to the rider. 

     The whole process was surreal from first setting pencil to paper, transferring to digital, then seeing the final product at trade shows and on shelves in shops. In awe of what Sean and Jeff accomplish with DWD year after year. What an honor to work with inspirational legends.

Art by: Tay


Stinky Socks x Third Eye Co. Socks

( Below ) Stinky Socks is a sock company from Bulgaria made by friends Hristo and Dimo. Their love of snowboarding and skateboarding has taken them on travels across the world meeting like minded people. They approached us about a sock collab the same year as the DWD snowboard release, so it made sense to go with a crystal design. We were also given free creative expression on this project, but what really made the experience was working with friends halfway across the world and getting to be apart of what they do.



( more below ) Though we are personally not ones to be following the latest celebrity gossip. We can't help but be a little starstruck when some larger than life personalities are spotted wearing Third Eye Co. goods. What an incredible way to connect with another artist. Inspiring creators, and some social icons, what an honor. Jewelry and style are very personal, intimate and sometimes a reflection of the person within. Thank you.



Third Eye Co. and Magic Miners are founded on that pure feeling you get while exploring a new place. Each trip out to those vast landscapes is a different experience, a new lesson and always humbling especially when surrounded by visuals of towering mountains or desolate deserts, sometimes even rigid coastlines. From the depths of the earth, to the storefront, we are a catalyst for gems to reach out to the world.